The Round Top Index of Collections Jeff Kraus

Pre-Order items are items that are ordered from the manufacturer once an order is placed for the product.

Round Top Collection Jeff Kraus
The Round Top Collection by Jeff Kraus.

Decorative Metal sculptures all hand created for both seasonal and year long decor. Some items are designed for indoor and outdoor use. This upscale line of metal art appeals to designers and the person choosing art for their home, garden and patio. Round Top metal is intended to appear worn and weathered, the beauty comes from within the twists, turns, and forms sculpted from the metal. Use it outside, decorate with the art inside...most of all.... enjoy the beauty and artistry that is... The Round Top Collection.

Round Top suggest to customers to spray your metal product with Rustoleum, matt or satin finish non-yellowing, before it is placed outside. This helps seal the paint and slowdown the rust process, and it is suggested to spray each year before putting it out.